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Program Director: Jim Williams 

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tl_files/images/Graphics/MaryAnne's Kids/iStock_000002400579Medium.jpgCHD Foster Care provides a variety of models to meet the needs of children entering the foster care system. All of CHD's foster care programs provide therapeutic services and supports in a family-based placement.

The programs receive referrals for children and youth who are transitioning from a residential/group home level of care, discharging from a hospital setting or from state care, or who are new to state care. With the appropriate match and program strengths, safety planning and supports, children with fire-setting, sexual offending and sexual reactive behaviors, trauma, or various medical needs may be placed into a CHD Foster Care setting.

CHD offers a variety of foster care placement situations, including both short-term and long-term overnight care, emergency placements, a 90-day diagnostic program, placement for children with special medical needs, and a homefinding service that works with CHD caseworkers to find and maintain a stable supply of families to house children in all of CHD's Foster Care programs. Additionally, we provide a higher level of care within in the foster care continuum called "intensive foster care" or IFC.

For more information, contact Jim Williams at (413) 781-6556 or

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent, please contact Chris Cradock at (413) 781-6556 or